4 Best Tools to Discover which Theme and Plugins a WordPress Site Uses

4 Best Tools: Discover Theme and Plugins WordPress Site Uses

Curious minds want to know….

Have you ever found a beautiful website and wondered what theme they used?

How about a client that doesn’t know anything about their website set up?

Is this a WordPress site?

These are very common questions that many people ask every day. It doesn’t matter if you are a website developer or a small business owner, you will at one time or another have the need or desire to explore another website.

Best thing is that there are free tools that can help you quickly identify the tools and technology used on a site. Once you know what theme and plugins are being used, you can easily duplicate the style of any website and add your own touch and branding.

1. BuiltWith


By far the best free online tool to discover the technology, framework, and plugins used by a WordPress site.

I love using BuiltWith to see what theme a site is using and bit about the widgets and plugins being used. You can also see their related domains which may come in handy. The browser add-on is particularly helpful to get instant information about the site you are viewing.

As a bonus, the BuiltWith website also has a section with information on the latest trends for technology.

2. Is It WordPress?


Find out what websites are built with WordPress. Get information about their WordPress hosting, WordPress theme, WordPress plugins, and more.

3. WordPress Theme Detector


This is a great tool for displaying detailed information about the WordPress Theme, Child Theme, and Plugins being used on the website. Also, gives details about the theme and plugins.

Their website also has reports showing the Top WordPress Themes, Top Theme Providers, and Top WordPress Plugins.

4. ScanWP


Good tool for displaying the WordPress theme and plugins used to build a website. Results will also give you information on where you can buy the theme and plugins used on the site.